Become an SEO expert

To be a professional it is not only be really good at one thing, even if you going it like you would nibble sunflower seeds. I would say it’s NECESSARY to explore your field, experiment and pump your skills by truing new technologies, technics, and tools.

My passion to stay on top on the game helps me to find new ways how to become better, stronger and different in what I’m doing every day.

Here I would love to share one source which became my new addiction: COURSERA. They have a huge list of courses – absolutely free courses (to be able to enroll for free, search for courses, not specializations)! For the additional coast, you can get a certificate from the best universities!

Back to the point… All webdesign services I offer includes SEO, even if my clients do not ask (usually they just don’t know its value or what it is). So, I have decided to expand my knowledge in SEO, and found this awesome course Become an SEO expert. And, you know, it’s great! It’s not only exiting to learn, to share all tips and tricks with my clients, but also see great results!

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.

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